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All students and alumni can schedule appointments for their career development needs. Appointment types are categorized by student classifications, career counseling, resume review, and mock interview.  The questions below each appointment type can help you determine if that is the right appointment for you.

To schedule your appointment today visit:

Once you log in to Handshake follow these steps to create your appointment:

  1. Click the Career Center tab
  2. Select “Appointments” tab
  3. Choose your appointment type
  4. Select the staff member
  5. Select the Appointment Medium (in person, video, call, phone call)
  6. Choose from the available dates and times available (ensure you are in the correct time zone)

(Keep in mind the Handshake appointment calendar is set to central time zone)

  1. Leave us a brief description in the box titled, “What can we help you with?”
  2. Verify your appointment information and click the green request button.

Freshman Check – In

  • Questioning your major?
  • Need to explore careers that best fit your major, interest, and goals?

 Sophomore Check – In

  • Still unsure about your major or possible career opportunities?
  • Learn what will make you an even better candidate for internship opportunities?

 Junior Check – In

  • Learn how to network to gain career-related experience and internship opportunities?
  • Research and prepare for graduate school?

 Senior Check – In

  • Uncertain about next steps post-graduation?
  • In need of more experience before you graduate?
  • Seeking to connect with employers for career opportunities post-graduation?
  • Need help with graduate school application?

Career Counseling

  • Confused about your future related to academics and career?
  • Need to complete a career assessment?
  • Many factors involved that may include family, finances, and other personal concerns?

 Resume Review

  • Have your resume reviewed and critiqued at any step of the resume writing process?
  • View our resume rubric as a guide and checklist for your resume?

 Mock Interview

  • Allows students to practice their interview skills for academic and career related opportunities?
  • Give tips and advice on behavior and communication skills to prepare for and ace the interview?