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Searching for a job is not easy. It can sometimes be challenging and frustrating. Don’t worry…NSU Career Center can help you create a job search plan and use strategies to help alleviate some of the stressors of job searching!

When searching for a job ask yourself:

  • What type of job would I like?
  • Which jobs or job fields are most interesting to me?
  • What are the job qualifications for that particular job?
  • Do I meet the qualifications?
  • Does my resume indicate my skills and experience that best meet those job qualifications?

Once you have answered these questions begin searching for jobs. When searching for jobs you have to be specific with your job search.

  • Position title
  • Location
  • Company Name

When applying for jobs:

  • ALWAYS greet the staff is applying for a job in person.
  • If applying online be sure your resume is saved in a pdf format and uploaded.
  • When emailing resume be sure to put your first and last name followed by resume in the subject box.

(example: John Adams resume)

  • Be sure to following up with the hiring personnel to ensure they received your resume and/or application.
  • After this follow up, wait no longer than a week if you have not heard back and ask about interview schedule plans.

(be sure to verify if this position has a closing date for accepting resumes and applications)

  • If you are offered an interview be sure to prepare (attire, resume, research position and company).
  • Arrive earlier, no earlier than 15 minutes.
  • Greet the company staff.
  • Sit patiently and try to relax.
  • At the conclusion of your interview, be sure to thank the interviewers and let them know you are interested in the position and look forward to hearing from them.

Be sure to log in to your Handshake account and search for potential jobs.

Tips for answering interview questions:

Interview Preparation and Best Practices

Are you interested in a brief video overview of interview skills preparation and best practices? Click the video link below:

Why should I hire you?   

The video link below helps students answer the question “Why should I hire you?” Many students struggle with answering this question. This video will help you choose the appropriate information about you and formulate it into the response employers are seeking!

The forbidden question: How much will I make???

There are so many reasons why you should not ask this question in an interview. Yes, we realize it is largely why you are applying for the job, but it is important to know how and when to ask this question. Click the link to learn more about Asking About Compensation and Benefits

How did you handle a difficult situation?

Situational and behavioral questions will be asked during an interview. Your behaviors and responses in a difficult situation tells employers a great deal about your critical thinking and team work abilities. Click the link to learn more about how to respond when asked this question:

How did you handle a difficult situation?